All orders over $50 - FREE delivery, eligible for instalment payments
All orders over $50 - FREE delivery, eligible for instalment payments
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How long is shipping, do I get tracking info?

Shipping for in stock items leave our warehouse in Michigan the next business day and typically arrive in 3-5 days or less. We ship via Priority Mail and at times delivery may take longer due to USPS delays from Holidays or other events.  If an item is not in stock, the expected ship date will be posted on the product page.  Tracking info is emailed to you as soon as it goes out.


Do your hammocks fit in a hammock stand?

You bet.  Our hammocks are compatible with most stands on the market.  Check the stand manufacturers specs. but our 9 ft hammocks fit nicely with nearly all stands.


How do you wash your hammock?

Our hammocks can be placed in a washing machine (remove carabiners, no bleach) or hand washed in a sink or tub.  For drying simply hang up or lay flat (no drying machines).


Do the hammocks come with hanging straps? 

Yes, our bug net hammocks come with hanging straps, they fit right into the attached pouch.  Our ultralight hammocks do not come with straps, we sell them separately with their own carrying pouch.


Do your hammocks stand up well to the elements?

Absolutely!  Our parachute nylon is weather & mildew resistant, quick drying and doesn't fade with exposure to the sun.


Can you remove the mesh net from the Bug Net Hammock?

The fine mesh netting is attached directly to our Bug Net Hammock and is not removable, however if you don't need it simply flip the hammock over and now you have a standard parachute hammock.


Can I sleep overnight in your hammocks?

Humans have been sleeping in hammocks for hundreds of years, so yes, you can certainly sleep in ours.  We recommend using the bug net hammock to keep you pest free and use a blanket or sleeping bag between your bum and the hammock.  Just in case those nasty mosquitoes try and hit you from below.


How much space do I need for hanging my hammock?

Anywhere between 10-15 feet will work fine with included rope.  We recommend using our tree straps which are not only more gentle on the trees, they also allow you to hang between trees or posts up to 25 feet apart.